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October 15, 2016

Introduction of the SIS technology to Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Lisbon, Portugal

The medical team of Sport Lisboa e Benfica are now trained professionals with the latest technology – the BTL Super Inductive System – at hand to provide the most modern care to the Portuguese professional football team.


BTL supports Portuguese athletes with technologies including the BTL High Intensity Laser and Essential physiotherapy devices. The therapies have been providing recovery and regeneration to athletes for many years now. Nowadays the physiotherapy portfolio is completed with a brand new product – BTL Super Inductive System.

The BTL Super Inductive System is based on selective nerve stimulation and will help the S.L. Benfica players strengthen muscles after matches, relieve the pain and even heal possible fractures. We are pleased that our partnership with S.L. Benfica was strengthened again with our newest medical device and we hope that the BTL Super Inductive System will help athletes achieve the best results! Read what Telmo Firmino said about the BTL Super Inductive System here.

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