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22nd – 24th June, 2017

A Case report on therapy combination of the BTL Shockwave and the BTL Super Inductive System was introduced at ISMST 2017
San Sebastian, Spain

Efthimios Kouloulas, MD presented a case report on combined treatment using the BTL Shockwave therapy and the BTL Super Inductive System in tibial fracture.


The congress was attended by renowned physicians from all over the world and presented the latest and innovative therapies with the use of shockwave from famous medical research centers in the world. Among the renowned physicians was also Efthimios Kouloulas, MD who presented impressive results of a case report which documented a complete restoration of a fracture. In this case the 60-year-old male patient was healed using combined therapy protocol including the BTL Shockwave and the BTL Super Inductive System. (Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) and peripheral magnetic stimulation (Super Inductive System) promotes healing of tibial fracture non-union unresponsive to conventional therapy).

We hope you enjoyed the congress as much as we did and see you at the next ISMST 2018 congress that will be held in New Zealand.

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