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2nd – 4th June 2018

XXVII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference Football Medicine Outcomes
Barcelona, Spain

BTL will participate in the world-renowned conference on sports medicine. Read why our device the Super Inductive System helps footballers stay in the game!


Do you want to learn more about BTL’s measurable outcomes? See the latest technologies and their benefits in the field of sports medicine? Try BTL therapies for yourself? Come see us at Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona! You’ll find us at booth 8 throughout the event and at our workshop on the 3rd of June from 17:00 - 18:30 devoted to the cutting-edge Super Inductive System. 



Also this year, BTL will participate in the world-renowned conference on sports medicine. Isokinetic Medical Group yearly conference at Camp Nou stadium, home to the number one team FC Barcelona, will be focused on football medicine outcomes. Are we winning? Are we really able to obtain measurable outcomes?

Measurable outcomes are the key to defining progress in almost anything imaginable. In football namely, it is key to defining how fast an athlete can recover from sports injuries, treat their pain and join the team again. This is why BTL is joining the conference with its workshop on the Super Inductive System technology. 

Super Inductive System is a trusted physiotherapy and rehabilitation device. It relieves pain of any origin based on its ability to target various pain control theories, thanks to the unique applicator technology and frequency modulation. By positively affecting the musculoskeletal system through muscle contraction and relaxation and managing pain by affecting the nervous system, it treats common sports medicine indications such as muscle strains, ruptures and spasms, impingement syndrome, joint blockages and even fractures.

To measure outcomes of the treatment with the Super Inductive System a number of studies have been conducted, proving that the device brings pain relief and helps footballers stay in the game. 

We participated in Isokinetic Medical Group Conference 2017 and we are looking forward to seeing you this year! FC Barcelona, Isokinetic Medical Group and FIFA together to organize the largest Sports Medicine Conference in 2018! For more information please visit the official website.


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