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November 10, 2017

Patented Technology

The BTL Super Inductive System features unique high-tech solutions. Discover how SIS provides smooth therapy procedure and how the pain control theories work!




Looking for an effective and reliable device? Air cooling solution of the Super Inductive System brings you just that. Continual cooling of the applicator will bring you more patients, more therapies and faster ROI. The advantage of the 6-joint arm and air cooling of the applicator makes the therapy easy with the ability to reach any body part.

Parallel Switch

Thanks to the Super Inductive System patented technology there are low energy demands & quiet operation of the device. Treat your patients with high frequencies and intensity of the electromagnetic field making the therapy even more effective.


Pain Control Theories

The Super Inductive System's unique technology targets pain of every origin! Thanks to the wide range of frequencies and intensities that can be applied the Super Inductive System therapy is perfectly adjusted to your patients and their conditions; use low frequencies for chronic states and high for acute ones.


Endogenous Opioid Theory of Pain

Is your patient suffering from chronic conditions associated with pain? Low frequencies of the Super Inductive System can help! At 2–10 Hz the Super Inductive System affects the endogenous opioid theory of pain by stimulating the body to produce more opioids. With the therapy at low frequencies you can treat patellar tendinopathy.

Gate Control Theory of Pain

Thanks to the patented technology of the Super Inductive System you can affect the gate control theory of pain using frequencies between 60 and 100 Hz to treat acute and subacute conditions. The therapy using these frequencies is suitable for treating slipped disc.

Peripheral Pattern Theory of Pain

At 120–140 Hz, high frequencies, the Super Inductive System's unique technology targets acute issues of the musculoskeletal system. One of the indications treated with the Super Inductive System by affecting the peripheral pattern theory of pain is a fracture.

Take a look at the infographic in the gallery to find out more about pain control theories.

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