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Efthimios Kouloulas

Medical Director, Rehabilitation Center Physiatriki


The therapy is simple, comfortable and gentle to the patient.


The result of the treatment is apparent from the very first session...

"The rehabilitation and pain management center Physiatriki treats patients with chronic, subacute and acute pain and provides a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. The focus is the patient himself and with him all the health professionals involved, led by a physician and his associates, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker and psychologist. We rely on the use of innovative medical technologies, which shorten the recovery time and maximize efficiency.

We also trust our relationship with the patient. The BTL Super Inductive System is a part of an interdisciplinary pain management program at the Physiatriki center. It treats disorders such as tendinopathies, trigger points and neuropathic pain, spasticity and weakness in patients who have suffered a neurological damage, for example strokes, traumatic brain injuries and multiple sclerosis. In addition to this the Super Inductive System aids joint mobilization, especially of the spine and the strengthening of the respiratory function of patients suffering from disease of the central nervous system or children with cerebral palsy.

The therapy with the BTL Super Inductive System is simple, comfortable and gentle on the patient. The therapy is contactless, so it can be applied over the patient’s clothing. After medical examination and proper diagnosis we adapt the applicator to the treatment area, choose the appropriate treatment protocol, modify the intensity of the patient’s tolerance and execute the session. The result of the treatment with the BTL Super Inductive System is apparent from the very first session. It has been evaluated as appropriate for the management of pain using the visual analogue scale. Treatment with the Super Inductive System is innovative and the advantages are mainly ease of use and pleasant overall feeling for the patient. It is an innovative device which can be applied without side effects even over the patient’s clothing non-invasively, offering simplicity and high-quality of rehabilitation service. Patients characterize the BTL Super Inductive System sessions as pleasant and efficient."

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