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Elena Ilieva

Doctor of Medicine, Medical University of Plovdiv


The pain-relieving effect of SIS can be seen very fast.


significant pain relief among almost all patients...

"The Medical team of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Department of University Hospital “Saint Georgi” Plovdiv uses the BTL Super Inductive System (SIS) for treatment of patients with acute and chronic pain. During the past 15 months patients with musculoskeletal diseases such as degenerative joint disorders, post-traumatic muscle and ligament conditions, hematomas, myositis and peripheral nerve disorders, mostly radiculopathy and neuralgia were treated. The purpose was decreasing the painful symptoms, possibly without analgesic drugs. Our observations show significant pain relief among almost all the patients, where majority of the patients experienced a complete relief of pain. 

The therapy had positive results right after the first treatment session in part of the patients. In most of the patients with radiculopathy the effect was visible as early as after the second session. Other effects of the SIS therapy observed were mobility restoration in the treated joints and improvement of hematomas. Our preliminary results show that high intensity electromagnetic field proved to be a highly-effective method for fast pain relief in patients with acute and chronic pain. The device is easy to operate and requires no additional qualification apart from a certified training. The treatment was well tolerated by the patients during the therapy and afterwards."


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