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Czech Republic

We use this device mainly to treat both acute and chronic pain.


"BTL Super Inductive System uses high-intensity electromagnetic field of up to 2.5 T and frequencies of up to 150 Hz. Such intensity is typically used in diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices. BTL company has been able to use this power to benefit the patients and that is what is important for us. The effects of the SIS have been proven in studies, one of which describes improvement in more than 87 % of the patients. We use this device mainly to treat both acute and chronic pain. The SIS also supports bone healing already at an early stage. We can achieve muscle relaxation and muscle stimulation using this device. It allows for joint mobilization through which we eliminate joint blockages, that is we restore movement in the joints including spine.

Another effect is selective influencing of the neuromuscular tissue which is particularly desired in treatment of acute and chronic pain of the musculoskeletal and also nervous apparatus. The high-frequency stimulation reduces increased muscle tone which we utilize mainly in treatment of spasticity. The most common indications are: carpal tunnel syndrome, painful shoulder – in other words impingement syndrome. We use it in regeneration of nervous tissue, spasticity reduction, joint and spine mobilization. It’s important to also mention acute stage of a slipped disc, atrophy prevention, various types of tendinopathies, that is inflammation of soft tissues mainly tendons in the elbow and heel area."


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