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November 31, 2017

Workshop with Jiri Jerabek
BTL Prague – Czech Republic

BTL held a lecture course, conducted by a renowned doctor of medicine Jiri Jerabek. Based on his experience he presented therapy with the BTL Super Inductive System.

The workshop started with theoretical background of the therapy continuing with discussions and therapy demonstration. Jiri Jerabek, MD, provides the treatment with the BTL SIS at the Rehabilitation Center in Kladruby where the therapy has been mostly used in muscle spasms, layer syndrome of the paravertebral muscles and m. piriformis syndrome

″Although both can be affected using manual techniques, the SIS eases our work by releasing the hypertonus commonly right after the first application and hence it doesn’t take up the physiotherapist’s time.″

Read more why Jiri Jerabek recommends the therapy with the BTL Super Inductive System in his testimonial.

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